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Honor Guard 2nd Year Anniversary!!!!

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1Honor Guard 2nd Year Anniversary!!!! Empty Honor Guard 2nd Year Anniversary!!!! on Tue Oct 30, 2012 11:29 am


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We will be celebrating Honor Guard's 2nd birthday on 11/11/2012! Honor Guard is growing up... how time flies. =)

To congratulate Honor Guard on making it this far and diving into its 3rd year, we have planned out an exciting and fun triple event weekend for all of you!! Leave your weekend free starting from Friday 11/9/2012 to Sunday 11/11/2012 for the following events:

Werewolf - 11/9/2012
It's a kill or be killed world in the game of Werewolf. Will you be a victim or will you be a blood-thirsty monster who hunts in the night? Who can you really trust? Can you call someone's bluff when you see it?
Details Here

Pictionary - 11/10/2012
Are you an artist? Yes? No? Well fear not! This is a game that anybody would enjoy - stick figures or not. Draw the word given to you within the time limit and watch your fellow guildies compete to guess your word! Better brush up on your spelling though! =P
Details Here

Survival - 11/11/2012
We had such a blast last year when doing this that we are bringing this event back! When thrown into the battle with nothing but a toy weapon, how long can you last? Will you be the last man standing or the first to fall? With no armor, accessories, or potions to protect you, you better hope you can out-survive your comrades in this battle of wits and longevity.
Details Here

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