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GoodByeTauru's Application

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1GoodByeTauru's Application Empty GoodByeTauru's Application on Wed Mar 26, 2014 10:38 pm


  •  Shock 

  • My Name In Game is GoodbyeTauru
  • .My Class is an Evie
  • Current Level :16
  • I like meeting new people, playing with the puppies in the town :3, fighting, magic, and boobies ( if i can say that here)
  • Well people wonder why I chose such a weird name, well the person I have/had idk feelings for is a Taurus but sadly i don't think she likes me back so I have to get over her :o so I just made this name GoodBye Taurus it's Tauru because I ran out of space, i started to play vindictus after watching the anime sword are online and then fell in love with this game after seeing it on youtube.I also love love succubus' (especially the on in this game, i love dogs and tigers and lions and pandas and i believe no animals are ugly, they're just different) 
  • I found out about this guild because i made a friend (Aldanich) and he is apart of this guild so i said to myself maybe all of the guild member of this guild  are hospitable and kind, so i asked him if i could join and this is were I am now

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