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xxDking Ninja Login & Fix Guild Chat Guide

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1xxDking Ninja Login & Fix Guild Chat Guide Empty xxDking Ninja Login & Fix Guild Chat Guide on Sat Apr 26, 2014 2:47 pm


Ninja Login Effects

Few effects this can cause  Hopeless 

  1. First off this creates a message that pop up every now and again saying "You failed to login" as far as i've seen this has no side effect besides being super annoying at times. I've been using it since Lagh was the hardest boss in game and cap was 44 so yea a long time.
  2. Second your friend list will be blank and no one will see your online from your friend list.
  3. Third your guild chat will not say you have loged in so u cant chat in guild.  Stress OH NO!

Ninja Login
Have you ever wished to login with out anyone know you have loged on if so keep reading.

Ok now to teach you how to do this trick

  1. You game has to be closed for this to work
  2. Open your Vindictus folder. Mines is C:\Nexon\Vindictus\en-US 
  3. Look for a file named NMService.exe in the en-us folder and remove this from the folder put it on your desktop or in a safe place. WHAT EVER YOU DO DO NOT DELETE THIS FILE! or else you wont be able to see friend list or chat in guild unless you redownload vindictus
  4. Now just simply login as you would normaly and your game should now show u a blank friend list and not show u the message that you have loged in the guild chat 
  5. Sadly even if your friend cant see your online. All a guild mate have to do is press guild and guild members and see who's online so they can see your online that way only.

While your in Ninja mode you can still join boats normally be invited and such :)

Easiest way to fix this is to simple put the file back into the folder u took it out of you can do this while the game is running"Can be kinda buggy if done this way" .Side note it takes a few secs before it says your online and your friend list updates. Best way would be to close game and put file back then relauch game

Fix Guild Chat

Ever login and your guild chat says you haven't entered and you rage cuz u gotta relog a billion times to fix it? Soap Box 
Few simple steps to fix your guild chat when you login and it says you haven't entered the room so u cant chat in guild

  1. Open Task Manger
  2. Press Proccesses
  3. Look for a file named "NMService.exe"
  4. and press on it and end process
  5. wait a few secs your guild chat should now say you entered room and u can now chat :) with all your lovely guild mates

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