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Preparations - Assassins (You Are My Valentine II)

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Hey guys!

We had such great responses from the You Are My Valentine event that we are preparing for a 2nd coming! From now on, this game shall be known as "Assassins".

This is NOT an official post for the event. Instead, this is a thread looking for 2-3 event host volunteers to help make this game bigger and better than the first. The volunteers' responsibilities will be to oversee the event and and make sure that all contestants are following the game regulations.

Here are the requirements for the volunteer event hosts:

1. Must be active! You have to be able to use at least an hour or two of each day for as long as the event lasts to make sure all contestants are following rules.
3. Must be available to be reached either through in-game, Skype, or forum mail within 24 hours.
4. Must have maturity and common decency
5. Must not give out the names of the targets to ANYONE other than to the target's assassin. You may talk amongst the other hosts however.
6. Must familiarize yourself with the game. I suggest you look at the post of the "You Are My Valentine" event.

If interested, please respond below OR notify me via forum mail.

We will then go over some revised rules for the event for an even better game. =)

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