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Honor Guard's Anniversary Survival Wrap-up!

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1 Honor Guard's Anniversary Survival Wrap-up! on Fri Nov 11, 2011 11:51 pm


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Honor Guard's Anniversary Survival Wrap-up!

Honor Guard is one year older and another year wiser. Our guards endured a thrashing throughout the year... the return of Blood Lord struck many of us down in our survival event. I'd like to thank all the HG's that participated and made this event as fun as it could be. The semi-finals were tense and the adrenaline was high, the survival boiled down to 10 of our heroes in two separate parties.


Of the ten heroes the final four stood tall against the Blood Lord.


Honorable mentions go out to Aurelia but ended with disqualification due to the dropping of a corona unsanctioned by the Goddess. The last man standing at the end of the event was the honorable Lord Whelan, followed ever so swiftly by the lovely Faethery, and lastly but most graciously the fearsome GaxT3rrior.

Thank you again Honor Guards.


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Congrats to the winners and all whom participated. It was fun. :D


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Congratz Whealn and others


Darn, Aurelia was so close. > <

Gratz to all the winners.


Congrats all!

Great events and excellent works on the anniversary celebration everyone :) I am glad that I was part of the crew and I really enjoyed the game, especially the survival events, it really make the games accessible for most guildies regardless of their gear levels in this game.(Now if Whelan gonna spare me some spears, I am going to give him a real run next time, trollololol) Again,congrats on the winning to Whelan, Fae and Gax! :3

Anyway, three quick suggestions I might add for future reference (and i am just going to put them down here now before i forget them in the future lol):

1) Offer a small amount of price,(maybe some compensation amount of golds or a party feather,something light but meaningful), to every candidates who signed up and actually get online to participate. Now this may sound a little bit of extra works for our admins but i wouldn't mind to do this myself. It is a small thing but i figured it will really help to attract more guildies participating the events, bringing us together as a guild AND actually promoting more ppl. using this forum.

2) Survival is a lot of fun! We can try to survive in a new battle next time, maybe hero mode macha "White Tyrant's Challenge"(Red Tyrant). As y'all probably figured out sword lanns have an edge in Blood Lord by now :) Red Tyrant hero can be a battle that puts everyone on an equal ground (and it is instant battle, too).

3) If we are doing PVP again, maybe try somewhere other than "Nightmare in the Ruins". Don't get me wrong, I don't mind do PVP in there. But I always feel that there are tons of better options for PVP experience among all classes. We can choose the grave yard(easy access from cleaning "The Holy Ground"), the huge ice cave in "Red Tyrant", the huge platform before we enter the tunnel in "Betrayal", and ever the first room of "Colru"! The common reasons of these places are:
* They offer flat, open ground to create a more fair PVP environment for all classes, especially those that heavily rely on mobility and not getting stuck. First room of Colru may be small but it has walls surrounding to create a closed circle platform.
* They are all easily accessible (again, maybe not Colru).
* They have less details in the maps therefore, have less graphic stress on players(including host of PVP battle and the combatants). Also, most of these places have much less loot cores to no cores than "Nightmares". Both help to create a cleaner, smoother PVP experience.

I'd like to hear your opinions on these

Rock on



First off i used my favorite swords for Survival (Titan has tasted them and now so has Hero Blood Lord), so don't know how my spears would make difference especially when Lojan's sucking of Fegus has given him better spears than mine.

As for 2nd suggestion: with the rule set in place even Red Tyrant would most give an advantage to Sword Lanns and Staff Evies, that and it would be to easy/long. members of this guild were doing naked macha runs there back when Laghodessa was first released (still have vids of me with my evie, knight6, Anesia, and LightChaser 3-4man naked runs there and wining with almost no deaths). Now something like Weeping Queen or Klaus on the other hand I could see.

For the 3rd: There are a few other good places that could work well for PvP, especially since we're fully geared in PvP so most Normal or Hard areas can be cleared quick. As for Holy Ground I believe that's only for 4 ppl so we could only do 1 match per group, Raid battles can allow more battle groups per run, can get 4 groups if assist is used.

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