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What's your opinion about our organized raids?

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What's your opinion about our organized raids? (Check all that apply)

6% 6% [ 3 ]
0% 0% [ 0 ]
14% 14% [ 7 ]
2% 2% [ 1 ]
6% 6% [ 3 ]
16% 16% [ 8 ]
18% 18% [ 9 ]
24% 24% [ 12 ]
8% 8% [ 4 ]
4% 4% [ 2 ]
Total Votes : 49

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I Pug due to the lack of hosts


Very well, I am glad that my in-game advice has been heard and taken seriously, thx guys. Especially Whelan&Lojan.

It is never necessary, and pretty unfair to make one or two optimal raid parties. A fair amount of guildies would got left behind looking for carrier/host(or some decent teammates to prevent failure), who most likely have to do PUGs. I'd be fairly understanding that on the very first few days of new content update, there were "optimal parties" since most of us are on the same page on understanding the new raids and simply trying to beat them. After all, Lionotus/ Colrus is not a walk in the park like the older raids. (but actually, name me a previous daily raid that IS a walk in the park?) And that have made me, sometimes Whelan&Shiro, had to deal with a lot of inexperienced parties when we are not even sure about how to beat the new raids ourselves. I am not complaining but stating the difficulty and frustration of doing those runs, and showing the issue of how making optimal parties can be potentially harmful for the guild as a whole.

I always like the idea of building a diverse/mixed party (just like mini-maxing an armor :), utilizing the experience from skilled players to help out around 2 inexperienced players at a time while guaranteeing the success of guild runs. Not only it helps to bring inexperienced players' games to the next level (and yours, since you will be more or less carrying sometimes), and also brings some new excitements/surprises to the gameplay (imagine if you play with the exactly same ppl. all the time, even if the party is always successful, it gets bored quickly sometimes). If the mixed party is not working out, then you may know if the problem is the inexperienced, or if they are good team-players or not. Now, if everyone here only care about their own game, he/she does not have to do this. But as an responsible admin, I think it is a right thing to do. It is a little more work but it should helps to make everyone's guild experience much better.

Also, as we see the result of polling, prime time of beginning a raid party is from 6pm to 9:30pm and at least 40 players will be able to involve, which I think it is the majority of our guild. My two characters, martial&warrior, can take 14 guildies or their alts per day. Rest are up to you folks. I think the new schedule will work well and I will stick with it until further debate.

P.S. I will update my personal hosting schedule in another post in general discussion section, just so ppl. will have a better idea of when I will be online/hosting, etc. Hope it helps to reduce the spammy questions from ppl. that are looking for me




Aurelia wrote:I Pug due to the lack of hosts
I will help... but didn't you left O.O


Liaan wrote:A third time would be greaaaaat.
LOL... you know me. Even i said i am hosting at 6pm but there is no guarantee that i can be on like clock work. Now if anyone of you like to host at that hour as well, i'd be gladly late and grab any of you looking for 7pm or so


im working on getting my 3rd and 4th alt (my karok and evie) to lvl 61 so i will be able to host more guild raids Walk of Joy so raids for everyone :P


Naish! more optional hosts are awesome assets! the powa :O

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