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How to make Glas Raid much less painful.

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1 How to make Glas Raid much less painful. on Fri Aug 05, 2011 2:15 pm


Here is the video I wanted to show you:
This is basically a discovery of mine in some Korean player's youtube channel.He(lagerowonder) plays all characters so we can observe a lot from his video.

Anyway we all known that break off in Glas Raid is relatively easy, as we can simply chain his right wing when he is stunned by 2 ballis/ when he fainted with low HP. The tough part is to kill him in an time effective, safe manner before he wipes the whole team.

Basically, we all know what works on him (ballis and "the holy spear" supplies called the goddesses judgment). It simply needs our co-ordination as well as proper preparation before boss stage (check out how he throws ballis to the launch area).

P.S. for sword lann, if we do not know how to dodge/DPS it will be quiet a painful experience, here is a video showing the movement a sword lann supposes to do in glas:
The reason of picking this video over RaidHunter's solo is, simply there is no likely we can reach the gear level of RaidHunter. While this Korean player's gear/weapon level should be much more closer to you, therefore easier for us to learn. Both of them did amazing job, anyway.

I know Karok can be hard in Glas cuz he couldn't block/amber/slip, however he can be reasonably helpful and a confortable experiecen. Here is a solo video that maybe helpful:

Rock on :)

2 Re: How to make Glas Raid much less painful. on Fri Aug 05, 2011 11:57 pm


Makes me feel a lot better...

3 Re: How to make Glas Raid much less painful. on Sun Aug 07, 2011 2:04 pm


*troll face :O

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