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Feb 26 Update and Events

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1 Feb 26 Update and Events on Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:44 pm


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Feb 26 Update and Events
Attendance Event:
February 26th to March 18th
Log in consecutively every day to earn the following:

Feb 26200 AP capsule
Feb 273 Divine Blessings
Feb 28200 AP capsule
Mar 13 GG's
Mar 2200 AP capsule
Mar 35 att spd boost scrolls
Mar 4Snowflake R Epaulet (not part of NX version, but does increase set bonus)
Mar 5300 AP capsule
Mar 63 SP recovery pots
Mar 7300 AP capsule
Mar 82 Party GG's
Mar 9300 AP capsule
Mar 103 LUBBER COUPONS (per account; switching characters on same account is OK)
Mar 11Inner Armor ES
Mar 12500 AP Capsule
Mar 135 GG's
Mar 14500 AP Capsule
Mar 155 Bal boost scrolls
Mar 16500 AP Capsule
Mar 175 Sp recovery pots
Mar 18Stormy Racer/Forsythia Avatar Set vindictus

Catch the Runaway GM!:
February 26th to March 4th
5:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST each day

"A GM will enter the PvP Arena 2-3 times at random to face a lucky (or unlucky) player in a 1v1 match. The GM will have nothing to their name but a sword and a Runaway Inner Armor set.  Defeat the GM and you'll score yourself a Police Force Avatar set."

Arena Celebration Seal Event:
February 26th to March 18th

"During the event period you'll be able to earn double medals for completing PvP matches in the Arena. The total number of medals that can be obtained per week is also being doubled, from 70 to 140. Note that observing matches will not award you medals. Using the Triumph Medal Bonus Capsule will further double the number of medals awarded, to a grand total of 4 per victory."

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i want that hat.... fae.. I MUST HAVE THAT HAT PINK KITTY HAT

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