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PvP Guide for All

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1PvP Guide for All Empty PvP Guide for All on Sat Jan 25, 2014 4:00 pm


So as many of us are starting to reach endgame and are running out of things to do, PvP is the answer to that problem. However you'll find out that PvP is hard and confusing at first. Here are some guides for you to read so you can step up your PvP game. I will update this thread periodically with additional information as I find it. :3

 Whip  Whip  Whip  Whip  Whip  Whip  Whip 

Here is the thread:

Sword Lann in PVP

Cross-Gun Kai in PVP

Staff Evie in PVP

Fiona in PVP

Spear Lann in PVP

Twin Sword Vella in PVP

Chainblade Vella in PVP

No guides for Hurk :<

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Here's also a video that may be useful:

Something he pointed out in this video that's interesting:
PvP Guide for All 2yyqon9

He notes the following:
"Smashes beat grab"
"Grabs beat dodge"
"Dodges beat smashes"

It has been pointed out that if you can predict your opponent's next move, you can use the rock-paper-scissors model from above to maneuver yourself against your opponent's attacks. When you are being attacked with grabs for instance, a smash will prevent the grab. For a Fiona, a simple right click would do the trick. At least, that is my understanding from the video.

You guys can have a look and make your own inputs.

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